Reader for DWG files
Is it possible to render Autocad DWG files using AB4D component? Any samples or reference available in this regard?
Sorry, but DWG files are not supported.

With Reader3ds you have full support for 3ds files. Obj files are fully supported with Ab3d.PowerToys library. Full support means that if you find a file that is not correctly read, I will try my best to improve the importer to support that file.

It is also possible to read many other files (for example dxf, fbx, dae and others) with using a .Net wrapper for Assimp importer library (

Reading of some file formats is implemented better then other. This means that if the file format is listed on the assimp web page, it does not mean that all the files will be read 100% accurately. Please check the files with the Assimp Viewer application that comes with Ab3d.PowerToys (open the Ab3d.PowerToys Assimp Samples.sln solution).
Andrej Benedik

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