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I am trying to evaluate Ab3D.DXEngine for using in a Oculus Rift application. To the end, I may need to redirect the viewport3D rendering to a custom RenderingContext, however, I've got stuck at the very beginning.
I've the Ab3D.DXEngine evaluation version installed and created a simple .NET 4.0 application with an empty DXViewportView in the main window:

<dxControls:DXViewportView x:Name="TestDXViewportView" PresentationType="DirectXImage" />

I've added assembly references for all dlls in the 'C:\Program Files\AB4D Products (Trial)\Ab3d.DXEngine\bin\net40' folder.

Next, I added the following code in the Window_Loaded handler:

var scene = TestDXViewportView.DXScene;
var g = TestDXViewportView.DXScene.RenderingContext;

When I tried to access the DXScene property programmatically or in the Watch window, I am getting this error:

Cannot load assembly 'C:\Windows\Microsoft.Net\assembly\GAC_MSIL\Ab3d.DXEngine\v4.0_1.4.6025.40__d45c8e156fba2841\Ab3d.DXEngine.dll'.

Why does it look for GAC assembly, when I have direct references in my test project with 'Copy Local' in true? Can I access the DXScene object and, hopefully, make it rending on my custom RenderingContext?

Thank you in advance!
Just an update to the above:

I manually, removed the Ab3d.DXEngine.dll from GAC but still getting the same "Cannot load assembly .." error pointing on the application folder. It happens, when I read DXViewportView properties in code. The Ab3d.DXEngine.dll is in the folder, as well as others dependencies.

Is it possible to access DXViewportView.DXScene and other properties from code?
After some investigation I have found out that the problems in Visual Studio are caused by a bug in obfuscator that I am using. The problems are gone after a newer version of obfuscator (with a hotfix) is used to obfuscate the libraries.

I have uploaded a new evaluation version and new commercial installers for Ab3d.DXEngine and Ab3d.PowerToys (the version 7.6.6025 was also processed with faulty obfuscator).

Therefore if you have installed Ab3d.DXEngine 1.4.6025 or Ab3d.PowerToys (7.6.6025) before the 21th August, please uninstall the existing version and install the new version (note that the version number is not increased).
Andrej Benedik

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