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My company bought commercial versions of two products from you - DXEngine and PowerToys, which we use together in the same project. They each seem to have a license file with the same name - license.licx. The help file says to drag and drop the license file to the projects root folder, but I can't have two files with the same name in that folder, so how do we manage two license files?
Details about how to use commercial version of our libraries and how to prepare your project to embed the license key are written in the "Using commercial version.chm" help file - the file is installed in the folder where library is installed (for Ab3d.PowerToys this is usually "Program File\Ab3d.PowerToys")

For your convenience here is the description for your case:
When using both Ab3d.PowerToys and Ab3d.DXEngine, you need to create one license.licx file and specify both licenses in the file (one license per line).

In your case this can be done with drag and dropping license.licx file from Ab3d.PowerToys directory. Then can open the license.licx in Visual Studio. You will see that it is a simple text file. To add license for Ab3d.DXEngine, you need to add the content of license.licx file from Ab3d.DXEngine directory to the second line of the license.licx file.

In your case the final content of license.licx file should be:
Ab3d.Common.PowerToys.LicenseInstaller, Ab3d.PowerToys
Ab3d.Common.DXEngine.LicenseInstaller, Ab3d.DXEngine

To test if licensing worked well just copy (or otherwise deploy) your application to a computer where Ab3d.PowerToys and Ab3d.DXEngine are not installed. If the licenses are not correctly embedded into your application, then you will get "not licensed" dialog.

You can also check with opening your dll (that is referencing both libraries) and checking if there is a ...dll.licenses resource in the dll (see Troubleshooting section in the "Using commercial version.chm" help for more info)
Andrej Benedik

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