Announcement: Ab3d.PowerToys 8.0 beta available
I would like to inform you that you can download a beta version of the major new version of Ab3d.PowerToys v8.0.

This version comes with tons of new features.

Here is just a short summary of some of the major new features:
- added support to rotate camera around selected 3D position (or around 3D position behind mouse cursor),
- added zoom to mouse position or custom 3D position,
- added support for controlling camera with 3D mouse (from 3dconnexion) or game controller,
- added slice tool to cut 3D models with a plane,
- added boolean operations for 3D models,
- added support for keyframe camera and object animations,
- added support for showing object edge lines instead of triangle wireframe.

You can download a trial version of the new version for the Downloads page.
Users with valid updates subscriptions for Ab3d.PowerToys can download the beta version from their User Account pages.

After downloading the zip file, please right click on the file, select properties and click on Unblock checkbox. This will remove the »potentially unsafe files that came from internet« mark on the file. This prevents problems that can occur in Visual Studio designer or .Net compiler (for example error -1 in lc.exe).

The zip also comes with new samples project that demonstrate most of the new features. There is also a readme.pdf with full list of new features.

The official release version is planed to be released withing one month.

If you find any problems with this version, please write that to support email or to this forum thread.
Andrej Benedik

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