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I have just bought Ab3d.DXEngine but I just discovered that I can not open samples because I don't have Ab3d.PowerToys and my trial of this library is over.

Why there aren't some samples for Ab3d.DXEngine only for customers who buy only it?

I am a little disappointed, I don't want to use Ab3d.PowerToys but WPF base controls and my own.

Thank you
Ab3d.DXEngine do not require Ab3d.PowerToys library and can be used to render your own WPF 3D objects and use your camera controllers.

But the samples that come with the library use Ab3d.PowerToys because this way it is much easier to present the functionality of the library.
It is also much nicer to have rich camera functionality and easily defined 3D objects instead of static camera and lots of code to define 3D meshes and objects.

Also, you could remove the cameras, 3D objects and other things from the Ab3d.PowerToy library and replace them with your own objects and the sample should still work.

Because the samples are the main part of describing the DXEngine functionality, I have just sent you instructions on how to extend the evaluation of Ab3d.PowerToys so that you will be able to run the samples project.
Andrej Benedik
Thank you for extending up to 2020 my Ab3d.PowerToys trial license.
After installing Ab3d.PowerToys trial I can use samples.


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