TrackballDecorator support

I previously had TrackballDecorator from that wrap Viewport3D and add mouse support to zoom, rotation, etc..

Now with DXViewportView seem that I can not use TrackballDecorator any more. There is a way to use it?

I don't have Ab3d.PowerToys but just Ab3d.DXEngine and for compatibility reasons I want to keep using TrackballDecorator for now.

Thank you
I have checked the TrackballDecorator and see that there is no way to use the TrackballDecorator with DXViewportView because the DXViewportView.Viewport3D can be only set to the Viewport3D and not to any other class - in this caseĀ TrackballDecorator.

The only solution to this is that you use the source code of the TrackballDecorator and takeĀ the code that handle the camera movement out of this class and create your own camera handler that could subscribe to mouse events and then change the camera without "decorating" the Viewport3D as its child element.
Andrej Benedik

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