Finding smallest distance between two 3D Objects
Thank you very much for the answer.
The problem is, that I have very complex Geometries. The most complex geometry has about 870000 positions.
I have some plans and methods how to reduce those points but I don't think it will give me always the correct smallest distance.

I have found a Method in your Library which sounds like it could solve the issue.

It is the RayPlaneIntersection Method of the MathUtils Class. But I don't understand how to use that method.
My thought was, if I take the Normal of a Point of e.g. the green geometry and send a Ray upwards I could find the the intersecting point of the yellow geometry.
Could you explain how to use the RayPlaneIntersection Method and what parameters I would have to use?

I had also troubles to find anything about the "point to triangle comparison" in the internet.

Best Regards

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