Colors not holding
I'm having a problem where the colors I've assigned to objects (Points and lines) change when I switch views. Typically they switch to the color of the first item I create.  So if I create a grid of 9 blue points then one orange line, when I change views (from top-down to 3D) the line switches from orange to blue then stays that color after that.  In addition, the first time I run my program and read the data it displays blue/orange. However, if I clear the data then re-read the file the same information shows blue/blue.  I have had this problem from day one, but I'm finally getting around to trying to fix it.

I'm using a variant of the tutorial SceneView3D. (C#, WPF)

For the line I'm using a PolyLineVisual3D and the points are PixelsVisual3D.  The colors are a SolidColorBrush color (System.Windows.Media.Color).

Any thoughts as to what I'm doing wrong or where to look?  I have verified that the code that sets the color is only getting called once at object creation.

Here is the code where I set the colors:

           // The easiest way to show many pixels is to use PixelsVisual3D.
           var pixelsVisual3D = new PixelsVisual3D()
               Positions = _positionsArray,  // Vector3[]
               PixelColor = Brush.Color,      // SolidColorBrush.Color
               PixelSize = 4.0                    //pixelSize

           var polyLineVisual3D = new PolyLineVisual3D()
               Positions = _ptArray,          // Point3DCollection
               LineThickness = thickness, // double
               LineColor = brush.Color,    // SolidColorBrush.Color
               IsClosed = false                // bool
Thank you for reporting this problem.
I was able to reproduce and fixed it.

I will send you a fixed pre-release version tomorrow. This fix will be also available in the next version of DXEngine that will be published in the following week or two.
Andrej Benedik
That wasn't the answer I was expecting, but I'll take it. And the time frame works well for me. Thanks.

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