Overlapping Viewports
When using a Viewport in Display mode the axis and transformation arrows have to be removed.  Which is a shame since they are really quite nice. I was wondering if a completely transparent viewport could be placed overlapping a view port in display mode and the transparent viewport could hold the axis/arrows?  Of course to be functional it would have to mirror the camera position for the viewport below but that could be handled.

Just a thought (in trying to keep the Axis/transformation arrows)
What do you mean you mean by "Viewport in Display mode"? Do you mean setting DXEngine's PresentationType to DirectXOverlay (in this mode it is not possible to show other WPF controls on top of 3D scene)?

In this case, I was also already thinking about that - to use a similar method that is used by PopUp - probably creating a new borderless transparent window - and then show WPF objects in this window. The position of such window would need to be synchronized with parent window and parent DXViewportView. I think that this is possible to do, but I did not have time yet to implement that.

(in case you meant DirectXOverlay, I will move this forum thread to DXEngine forum).

Otherwise, please explain in more details what you meant by "Viewport in Display mode"?
Andrej Benedik
You cut thru my incorrect terms very well.

Yes to "DXEngine's PresentationType to DirectXOverlay".  And it sounds like you are already headed on a path that adds a feature I desire so I can be quiet and wait now.

I thought it was a PowerToy feature (Axis/Arrows) so it was my mistake on using the wrong forum.

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