Hit test everything under the mouse pointer.
I have a view in which I create points - these are actually PlaneVisual3D objects with bitmaps that are rotated to always face the camera.  I have enabled mouse events on these planes using the VisualEventSource3D class and use the mouse over event to change the color and mouse click event to show a context menu for the point.  The problem I have is that when there are many points on top of each other I want to show a separate popup to allow the user to select the point they are interested in.  To do this I need to perform a hit test to find all the points under the mouse pointer.  Could you tell me if there is any utility in the PowerToys library to achieve this?

This is not supported by EventManager3D.
But you can achieve this by using standard WPF 3D hit-testing where you specify a callback method that is called on each hit object - in this method you can specify if hit testing can stop or is continued. When you continue hit testing you can get all the hit objects.

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