Visualizing Kinect Data
I want to visualize the feed from Kinect V2 Sensor in a WPF Application. I am trying to use the Ab3d.PowerToys.KinectSample code for this. The code is developed for V1.8 and to replay some data set but I did a few small modifications and got it working for real time data of V2 sensor. However it only works fine for about 400 frames and then the whole application freezes. Does anyone know the reason behind this and how to correct it?
I am glad that you were able to update the old Kinect sample to work with a newer Kinect device.

But to help you solve your problem please provide more information about what it means that the application freezes - is this related to retrieving Kinect data or the performance of application slows down (what could be the cause - too many 3D objects / 3D lines) - in this case, it would help to provide some profile's data or memory snapshot to show if some objects are not released (for example 3D lines).

Do you also use Ab3d.DXEngine?
Andrej Benedik

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