VertexColorMaterial and Illumination
I have applied a VertexColorMaterial to my model but illumination is ignored and colors are flat. There is a way to enable illumination?
Thank you
Loenardo, sorry but you have provided way to little information. From that I cannot diagnose and solve your problem.

Please check the VertexColor sample that comes with Ab3d.DXEngine samples and compare what is different from your code.

You can also provide the XAML and code that you use and I will check where is the problem.
Andrej Benedik

Attached an example that show the problem.

WPF Spotlight don't work with VertexColorMaterial and with Ambient light model colors are flat. Setting ShowCameraLight of TargetPositionCamera to "Always" fix the illumination but I want a custom illumination with spotlight instead of default one.

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VertexColorMaterial currently supports only up to 3 directional lights and an ambient light.

Support for other point and spotlight will be added in the next version of DXEngine. I will try to add that next week and will send you a pre-release version when this is implemented.
Andrej Benedik
Thank you very much, this is a very important improvement for us.
Do you think that pre-release could include also "PixelEffect to VertexColorMaterial" improvement?
Yes, I have just started working on a new PixelEffect that will support per-pixel color.
Andrej Benedik
VertexColorEffect that is used to render VertexColorMaterial has just been improved so that it supports PointLights and SpotLights. This functionality will be available in the next version.
Andrej Benedik
Thank you very much for the pre-release. Now illumination with spotlight works very well.

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