Ab3d.DXEngine and 2D (Viewport2DVisual3D)
Viewport2DVisual3D is only partially supported in DXEngine. This means that DXEngine can render its content but does not support interaction. The problem is that for the interaction to work the Viewport2DVisual3D needs to be shown on a Viewport3D that is visible in the WPF visuals tree (when Viewport3D is rendered with DXViewportView, it is not visible).

I have checked the source code of Viewport2DVisual3D object to see if there is another way to enable interaction with somehow passing mouse data to the object but there seems to be no way around this.

A similar limitation exists for UIElement3D objects. There it is also not possible to get mouse events from the object.

Therefore, if you need interactive Viewport2DVisual3D, you will need to use WPF 3D rendering (Viewport3D without DXViewportView). 

To show 2D WPF controls in DXEngine, it is possible to use VisualBrush for a material. But you will need to manually update the material when the 2D controls are changed. See the "VisualBrush Test" sample that comes with DXEngine for more information.
Andrej Benedik

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