Camera Light Location

Just recently purchased PowerToys and have been really happy with how everything has worked thus far. I do have a few questions though:

1. I can't seem to get a MaterialGroup to display properly using a ModelFactory to generate models. I'm using a combination of a DiffuseMaterial and a SpecularMaterial. Whenever I set this as the material to be used only the DiffuseMaterial shows up. When using Visuals it displays perfectly.

2. By design I'm using the above MaterialGroup to create a reflective surface to more accentuate the 3D aspect of the model. As such, I'd really like to be able to set the initial location of the CameraLight, like (-3,-4,-5), in order for the reflection not to seem to be going directly straight back to the person viewing the model. I've tried both code and XAML to do this but it doesn't seem to work. How would I accomplish this?

Thanks very much for your great product and for the help!


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