Axis Indicators are not in line with actual axes
I am making use of the axis indicators in a view using a perspective camera.  What I have noticed with this is that the axis indicators are not in line with the actual axes, they are almost correct but not precisely in line.  In some circumstances this can be quite severe and looks strange. Its an issue in the powertoys sample also.  I have attached a screen shot from the Slice 3D model with plane example.

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Everything is all right. This is caused by the perspective projection. 

The followinig image is showing a BoxVisual3D where all the sides are parallel but when rendered with perspective camera, the lines on the screen are no longer parallel.


If you want to have all the lines parallel as in defined with 3D data, then use the OrthographicCamera (set CameraType to OrthographicCamera):

Andrej Benedik
of course, it is correct.  



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