FarPlaneDistance for FirstPersonCamera?
I have been trying to use the FarPlaneDistance property for a FirstPersonCamera, but the clipping doesn't occur and the FarPlanceDistance value never holds. I have seen in another thread that I may need to set OptimizeNearAndFarCameraPlanes to false on my scene object  ... but I don't have a scene object.   Is there something I need to disable or do in a specific way to get the FarPlaneDistance to "take"?  I am using a WPFHost inside a Winforms application, if that makes a difference. 

Thanks, Will.
You are right, the DXEngine automatically calculates the near and far plane distances so that they are as close together as possible. This increases the depth resolution and minimizes the z-fighting artifacts. Anyway, if you want to manually control the near and far plane values, you need to set the OptimizeNearAndFarCameraPlanes  to false (this is a property on th DXScene object).

If you are using DXViewportView, then you can get the DXScene from its DXScene property. The property is set when the DirectX device is initialized - you can subscribe DXSceneDeviceCreated event to be notified when this happens:

_dxViewportView.DXSceneDeviceCreated += delegate(object sender, EventArgs args)
   if (_dxViewportView.DXScene != null) // Can be null in WPF 3D rendering (used as fallback by default)
       _dxViewportView.DXScene.OptimizeNearAndFarCameraPlanes = false;
Andrej Benedik

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