I am using the ZoomPanel to navigate around a map image that is 21600x21600.  The ZoomPanel itself is 2160x2952 (this is on a 4K display).  On the map are markers (like GoogleMap markers).  The location of the markers are relative to the map image, so a given marker's location might be 15850,9720.

In general, the zoom panel works great.  However, based on user activity, I need to programmatically center a given marker in the viewbox (or as near to center as the map limits allows).  I have tried all the various "Translate" methods, and none of them work as I would have expected.  When I call the Translate methods, the map moves within the ZoomPanel, but it doesn't move where I expect it to.   

For example, when I call TranslateToCenter(new Point(10800,10800)) or TranlateToCenterRelative(new Point(0.5, 0.5)), I would expect the map to move to the center of the map image , but it only moves the map a short (and seemingly random) distance towards the center.

What is the correct method of programmatically setting the center point to a specific x,y location, or getting the given x,y location as close to the center as possible without violating the Viewbox limits?

Here is the xaml for the ZoomPanel:

<ab2d:ZoomPanel x:Name="exploreMapZoom" IsViewboxLimited="True" ViewboxLimits="0 0 1 1" ViewboxMinSize="0.1 0.1" Stretch="UniformToFill" CenterPosition="0.5 0.5" CenterPositionUnits="Relative" IsAnimated="True">
   <Grid x:Name="exploreMapGrid" Width="21600" Height="21600">
      <Image x:Name="exploreMapImage" HorizontalAlignment="Left" VerticalAlignment="Top" Source="ExploreMap.jpg"/>

Attached is a screen capture of the map within the ZoomPanel, including a ZoomPanelDump.

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The TranslateToCenter and TranlateToCenterRelative methods are used to simulate the mouse panning.

To set a new center position you can simply call (this sample set the center to the center of the map - the CenterPositionUnits property must be set to Relative):
ZoomPanel1.CenterPosition = new Point(0.5, 0.5);

If you want to have animated panning to the new location you can use the SetZoom method:

ZoomPanel1.SetZoom(new Point(0.5, 0.5));
Andrej Benedik
Calling "SetZoom" works perfectly.  Thanks for the help!

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