assimpWpfImporter ReadModel3D from stream
Instead of calling ReadModel3D method that takes fileName as parameter use the overload that accepts a stream:

       /// <summary>
       /// ReadModel3D method reads 3D models from stream and returns the 3D models as Model3DGroup or GeomentryModel3D.
       /// When the model have additional textures, the resolveResourceFunc must be set a method that converts the resource name into a Stream.
       /// </summary>
       /// <param name="fileStream">file stream</param>
       /// <param name="formatHint">file extension to serve as a hint to Assimp to choose which importer to use - for example ".dae"</param>
       /// <param name="resolveResourceFunc">method that converts the resource name into Stream - used to read additional resources (materials and textures)</param>
       /// <returns>WPF Model3D object</returns>
       public Model3D ReadModel3D(Stream fileStream, string formatHint, Func<string, Stream> resolveResourceFunc = null)
Andrej Benedik

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