Point element

Is there a simple point element? (Or a workaround)

It should have a position, a colour and a size, but the size should remain constant while zooming.
And it should require the minimum amount of computer resources if possible. 

WPF 3D engine does not support 3D pixels. You could "fake" it with using a 3D plane (PlaneVisual3D) that would be always oriented to face the camera (PlaneVisual3D has a AlignWithCamera method) and adjust its size when the camera changes (to get the desired 3D size you can use the Ab3d.Utilities.CameraUtils.GetPerspectiveWorldSize method).

But this will work for showing only a limited number of pixels because the performance will not be good.

If you want to show many 3D points then you should use Ab3d.DXEngine (https://www.ab4d.com/DXEngine.aspx). It supports hardware rendering of pixels and with using a decent graphics card it can render hundreds of millions of pixels. See the samples project that comes with Ab3d.DXEngine library.

Here you can see two screenshots:
Andrej Benedik

This is really helpful.

But, can you elaborate a little more on how to get a 3D object to be of constant size?
If you will search for the "GetPerspectiveWorldSize" in the Ab3d.PowerToys samples project you will find that this method is used in the "Use Cases / Billboards sample" - see the code comments in the Camera1OnCameraChanged method.
Andrej Benedik

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