Problem with PBR rendering and shadows
I have problems getting shadows to work together with physically based rendering.
When a physically based material is set on an object in a scene that uses variance shadow rendering the whole object in rendered as if it were in shadow, even if it is not. See attached pictures which illustrates the problem.

The problem can be reproduced by setting a PBR material in method "CreateCustomScene()" in the file "ShadowRenderingSample.xaml.cs" that is part of the "Ab3d.DXEngine.Wpf.Samples" project:
           var physicallyBasedMaterial = new PhysicallyBasedMaterial();
           physicallyBasedMaterial.BaseColor = Color4.White;
           physicallyBasedMaterial.Roughness = 0.0f;
           physicallyBasedMaterial.Metalness = 0.0f;
           var wpfMaterial = new DiffuseMaterial(Brushes.White);

           var grayCylinder = new CylinderVisual3D();
           grayCylinder.BottomCenterPosition = new Point3D(200, 0, 100);
           grayCylinder.Radius = 20;
           grayCylinder.Height = 100;
           grayCylinder.Material = wpfMaterial;// new DiffuseMaterial(Brushes.LightGray);

Am I missing something here to get shadows and PBR materials to work together (they do work fine on their own), or is this a bug?

I also did a quick test with planar shadows, where I used a PBR material on the shadow plane, but I did not get that to work either. However, in that case the shadow plane seemed to not be rendered at all, instead of beeing rendered in complete shadow.
Thank you for reporting this problem. I was able to reproduce it.

Some initial tests show that the problem is probably related to invalid PBR pixel shader that is used for rendering PBR with shadows. I will do some additional tests tomorrow and will then try to provide you with a fix for the problem.
Andrej Benedik
The reason for this problem was that an invalid pixel shader was compiled into the commercial version. This will be fixed with the next version of the DXEngine.

I have sent the author of this forum thread instructions on how to use a workaround. If you also would need to show shadows with PBR materials please contact support or send me a PM to also get the same instructions.
Andrej Benedik

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