MultiMaterialBoxVisual3D -> paintings inside empty box (after subtraction)
I'm trying to create a box which is empty inside and has some paintings and holes on the surface. To achieve this I subtracted another box with a bit smaller size. Then I have effect of empty box with side thickness greater then zero. Then I painted something on the surface of one side and subtracted another box to have effect of hole on the box surface. But after that the problem is that the same pattern is painted inside the box. I can see it through the hole on the box side. How can I control what is painted inside?  I need to get rid of repeating the same pattern inside the box. Screenshots are added.
So you are saying that after doing all Boolean operations you generated the texture coordinates with a TextureCoordinatesGenerator (Cubis or Plane) and still you get duplicated texture images? 

Do you have two MeshGeometry3D objects?

I would recommend you to manually check the created texture coordinator. To do this it will help you a lot to get a better view of how the MeshGeometry3D is constructed - this can be easily seen with using the MeshInspectorOverlay that will show you the positon and triangle indexes over your 3D model (see Utilities / MeshInspectorOverlay  sample in Ab3d.PowerToys for more info).

To learn more about the texture coordinates search the web (check for example
Andrej Benedik

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