Winform and WPF Events in EventManager3D
We are currently building our rendering control based on the DxEngine WinForms Sample. 

And I am trying to implement a EventManager3D to get mouse inputs. I've gone over the different samples on GitHub, but can't get any of them working.

So what I'm wondering is if there is any possibility that the Mouse events gets handled by WinForm and therefore not recieved by the EventManager3D? Or if there is some connection I'm missing to get them working together?

If thats not the case, any suggestions or thoughts on our problem?

There are multiple ways to use Ab3d.DXEngine in WinForms. When using RenderForm or RenderControl then only the rendered 3D scene is shown. In this case, you cannot add any other WPF control on top of the rendered scene - for example, you cannot add CameraAxisPanel or an overlay Viewport3D that would show ModelMoverVisual3D.

To show multiple WPF controls in WinForms, you need to use ElementHost control that can host WPF controls in WinForms. 

I have updated the ElementHost sample in with showing how to use ModelMoverVisual3D.

What is more, I have added the new samples to GitHub -
Andrej Benedik

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