Create holes on a mesh
i need to create a hole on a mesh.

I thought to create a cilynder and use some boolean functions like meshdifference etc,

How i can do, is there in powerToys a function to do that?

There is Ab3d.Utilities.MeshBooleanOperations class that can calculate subtraction, addition or intersecion.
See "Advanced 3D objects / Mesh Boolena operations" or "Use cases / Modelling with subtraction" samples in the Ab3d.PowerToys samples project.
Andrej Benedik
Ok it works!!
I used Ab3d.Utilities.MeshBooleanOperations.Subtract(modelvisual3d, geometrymesh3d) and i have at least the modelvisual correctly modified with the subtraction.
But a problem qith transformations.
Before using subtract i need to make some translation transformation on modelvisual.
Ofter using subtract the modelvisual losts its transformation and retuns in the original place (before transformations)

ok solved.
It needs to reset transformation after boolean subtract
Hi.... another problem.

I understand how create a hole on a mesh, using subtract (i have a mesh and a cylinder, i subtract the cylinder from the mesh and all works).

But i need to create a hole on multiple very similar meshes.
 - I load with assimp the first mesh
- apply the necessary transformation to geometrymodel  (to move the model over the cylinder)
 - i use Ab3d.Utilities.MeshBooleanOperations.Subtract(geometrymodel,meshgeometry)
- the geometrymodel resuts ok with the necessary hole
but when i load the next model, i move over the cylindre (like the first one) the subtract retuns: "Reference to an object not set to an object instance"

using subtract on 10 similar models the error appears random 1 o 2 times.....
anybody can help me?

note that the models are very similar and there is no reason to fail the subtract!!

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