Why is height measured along z-axis and not along y-axis?
I want to the height to be measured along the vertical axis (y-axis) as height is a vertical distance measured from observer at ground to the endpoint of the object at top. But WireGridVisual3D has a property named "HeightCellsCount" that sets cells along the z-axiz (horizontal axis). Should it not be "WidthCellsCount" or "LengthCellsCount" instead of "HeightCellsCount"? 
And how can I change this if there is way to do so?
The WireGridVisual3D shows a wire grid on a plane in 3D space. The orientation of the plane in 3D space is defined by the WidthDirection and HeightDirection vectors. By default they set to x (1,0,0) any z axis (0,0,1) (in WPF 3D coordinate system). This also defines the direction for the WidthCellsCount and HeightCellsCount properties.

So if you want that the HeightCellsCount would represent the number of cells in some other direction, then change the value of HeightDirection. But be careful, to get the correct results the WidthDirection and HeightDirection vectors must be perpendicular, so when changing the HeightDirection you may also need to change the WidthDirection.

To see the directions of the axes in your 3D scene, add a CameraAxisPanel or ColoredAxisVisual3D (search samples on how to add them).
Andrej Benedik

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