Draw 3 or 4 thousand sphere
Hello ab4d,
I need draw 3000 or 4000 (or more) sphere with some tools that can be run on WPF4 VB. It’s possible? with the AB4D? When I draw 1000 spheres only with wire, the zoom and rotate is almost impossible! (draw 1000 sphere with solidcolorbrush or paint imagebrush don’t work). Anybody can say me something? Thank you, tintin.
Uh, 3000 to 4000 spheres is probably too much for WPF 3D engine - especially when drawn with wireframe.

You could lower the number of Segments for each sphere - the default value is 30. This would reduce the number of triangles, but I think it would still not help to get you decent performance.
Andrej Benedik
With WPF it is quite easy to read xaml at runtime with XamlReader.Parse. But unfortunately when the root object in xaml is a 3D object (for example Model3DGroup or Model3DVisual) the names of the objects are not preserved. If the root object is Viewport3D (or probably some other object that derive from FrameworkElement), than you can call FindName on the read object and get the child objects.

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