3D Rectangle at any coordinate

This is my first time here and I am not so familiar with this library. Can anyone help with a sample minimalist C# code (I am using WinForm, not WPF) for displaying a 3D rectangle at a specific x,y,z coordinate and how we can look at it from a different camera point? 

It would be really appreciated if I can get the initial help from one of you, experts in this library.

I hope the library has method for rotating or scaling the rectangle which I would try to do next, once the initial learning is done.

First check the "Basic WPF 3D objects tutorial" sample (the first sample in the Ab3d.PowerToys samples) to get some basic knowledge of the objects that are required to create a 3D scene and also how to apply transformations to the objects (samples can be downloaded from https://github.com/ab4d/Ab3d.PowerToys.Wpf.Samples).

Then check cameras and camera controllers section to get an idea what kind of cameras you can use and how to control them.

Check also other samples for other tools.

To create a rectangle you can use PlaneVisual3D object (if you need a 3D box or cube, you can use BoxVisual3D).

The Ab3d.PowerToys library is primary build for WPF, but it can be also used in WinForms - see the WinForms sample here: https://github.com/ab4d/Ab3d.PowerToys.WinForms.Samples
Andrej Benedik

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