Using SwapChainPanel

We're currently using DirectXOverlay as presentation mode to achieve the performance we need in our application. However, we now need to overlay WPF controls above our DirectX surface, but as the documentation states, this isn't possible with the current DXViewportView. We tried using DirectXImage as presentation mode, but the performance is not good enough with that mode.
Has any research/test been made to use SwapChainPanel (link) instead to support this use-case?
Unfortunately, WPF does not support SwapChainPanel - this can be only used by UWP applications.

If you have performance issues maybe it is possible to optimize the usage of objects to provide faster rendering (for example using object instancing, freezing 3D objects to group them, etc.). I will contact you by email and if you are interested we can arrange a virtual meeting with screen sharing where you can show me your application and we can together run some benchmarking and rendering analysis (using DXEngineSnoop tool - This may provide some information on how to optimize the current rendering.
Andrej Benedik

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