Using OverlayControlSample in Winforms?

I have tried to implement the OverlayControlSample in my (similar) Winforms' RenderControl application. I haven't had much success. Before I dig any further, is this actually possible? 

I have managed to utilize Sprites already in our application and thought this may be very similar task.

If not, I may consider migrating our RenderControl to using WPF element host instead - our goal is to provide the ViewCubeCameraController in our Winforms application.

In WinForms application it is possible to use WpfElementOverlay and Viewport3DObjectOverlay to show WPF controls on top of 3D scene that do not require user input.

The ViewCubeCameraController requires mouse input and this does not work when using RenderControl type of application. You should use WPF element host instead. This will render the element host's part of the application as a WPF application and will direct input to the ViewCubeCameraController that needs to be added to the element's host.
Andrej Benedik

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