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I've run into update issues. With multiple views when I add an object, the bounds for child views are not updated, i.e. part of the object is culled in the child views. I notify changes on an object that belongs to the parent DXScene (the objects are shared).

It looks to me that the flags might not be propagated. It does not matter if I only add the object, or notify the parent scene with flag. But if I manually notify each scene with SceneBoundsChanged. The objects are displayed correctly.

Is this expected behavior? Thanks.

Best regards,
Janovsky Roman
By default, the DXEngine automatically calculates the camera's near and far planes (if not disabled by setting DXScene.OptimizeNearAndFarCameraPlanes to false). This improves depth resolution. This calculation is done after each change of the scene or camera.

But as you have found out, in a child DXScene this may not happen always. There the dirty flags from the master DXScene were not checked where rendering child DXScene. This was fixed and will work as expected in the next version (releasing this month).

As you have proposed, a workaround is to call (after changing the scene in such a way that the scene's bounding box can be increased):
Andrej Benedik

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