boolean union
i need to do a boolean union on multiple objects. 
So i tried to make a union with the first and the second obj, the resulted mesh i make a bolean union with the third the resulted with the forth and so on.

It seems woking but the ultimate mesh is abount 200mb!! ( the original mesh are togheter 10mb) and it has million of triangles (more then the sum of original meshes triangles)

I'm going wrong?
Boolean operations can greatly increase the number of triangles because they use Constructive solid geometry (

But to make a union you can just simply merge two meshes together by using Ab3d.Utilities.MeshUtils.CombineMeshes method (but you probably already know that because you have asked this some time ago -

But if you need to have a mesh without intersecting triangles, then you will need to use boolean union and this will generate huge meshes. Maybe you can pass the generated mesh through some third-party mesh optimizer (maybe the 3D printer software have something like that). I am sorry but I do not have any solution for that.
Andrej Benedik
Ok thanks.

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