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Hi Team,

Does DXEngine support STEP/IGES file formats? I want to load Brep,Nurbs models and perform intersections/hit tests operations. Please let me know would that be possible with DXEngine or PowerToys.  

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Karthik N
Ab3d.PowerToys support only importing obj files. To import other file types, a third-party Assimp importer can be used (the Ab3d.PowerToys comes with a wrapper that can use Assimp importer from .Net code).

As far as I know Assimp provides only very basic support for step files. The problem is that step file can be very complex (there are many different possible surface types) and that the objects in step file are not defined as triangles but as mathematical surfaces. But Assimp's object model defines 3D objects as triangles so even if the step file would be importer, its objects would be converted into triangles.

There are a lot of requests for step file support, but currently I do not know of any viable solution.
Andrej Benedik

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