assimp wpfexporter error
Hi guys,

i'm in a very big trouble.

I need to use x64 cpu's compilation in my project because I need to use mathlab libraries wich work only with x64 compilation.

I use assimp64.dll and i need to export meshes using assimpfpfexport

Since when I modyfy complilation mode (from x86 to x64) when i call assimpfpfexporter.export assimp sometimes the procedure crashes without errors and sometime gives me an error:
Attempt to read or write protected memory. Often this condition indicates that other parts of the memory are corrupted. 

Somebody had the same problem? Is there another method to export visual?
nobody can help me? It's very important....
It seems that there is an exception in the native assimp library. Maybe there is a problem with the .Net assimp wrapper - in this case it may be possible to improve the .net wrapper so that this would work correctly.

I will send you and email with link to a newer version of Assimp library that was compiled with debug build. This may give us some additional information.
Andrej Benedik

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