DXEngine without SharpDX
Hi Team,

I am looking at DXEngine for our project integration. Could you please clarify my below questions?

SharpDX is not actively supported and became obsolete, will it affect DXEngine's future?

Is DXEngine depends on SharpDX? Can DXEngine work without SharpDX?

Warm Regards,
Karthik N
Ab3d.DXEngine is using DirectX 11 for rendering. This API is fixed and will not change in the future. It will be also supported by Windows for a long time as there as still many games developed by this API. 

SharpDX is used as a wrapper for the DirectX 11 API and because DirectX 11 is not going to change in the future, there is no worry that SharpDX will become outdated. The library can also work well in newer frameworks and .Net core (you can easily test that by running the samples project in .Net 6).

In my opinion SharpDX library is one of the best written open source software. Also, the library was used and tested by a huge number of developers and this makes it very reliable. 

Anyway, if in the future it will turn out that there is a critical problem with the SharpDX library, a derived open source library based on the SharpDX will be created, the problem will be fixed and then Ab3d.DXEngine could use the updated library.
Andrej Benedik

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