Using ResourceDictionaries, NullReferenceException
Thank you for the reply. I'll use that workaround. We've actually evaluated Geometry and Shape options, and in our case the file size of Shape was smaller, and for us that is a first concern we've been measuring. I'll have to do some deeper inspection to find alters Geometry/Shape runtime performance is affected, but as you can see the individual size of our graphics is quite small so I expect both to be near trivial. We however need to provide users with several hundred thousand such graphics so even with compression we are looking at maybe 500MB. It may also be that your metrics for the relative performance of Shape/Geometry is based upon more complex graphics?

I should also mention that almost all our graphics produce anomalies with the setting CombineElementWithPenAndBrush as true, so that optimization is disabled.

Funny thing by the way.. I was trying to do a comparison of ResourceDictionary for Geometry and Shape when I encountered this defect. Of course in my code the Shape call was first which unfortunately kept me from finding your workaround.

With your help however I've completed the comparison, and I'm disappointed to see that the ResourceDictionaries created are about twice the size as the individual shape files, and 40% larger than the geometry files. Part of this is due to the inability to control the number of decimal points from ResourceDictionaryWriter (GetXaml does not take BaseXamlWriterSettings). I could probably reduce it in my own code, but it appears as if it would still be larger, and not yet certain why. (For our graphics we've found one decimal point to be sufficient, whereas it defaults to 3.. however comparing against 3 still shows the dictionary to be larger).

I very much appreciate ReaderSvg. I evaluated it a year or more ago and it wasn't sufficient at the time, but it has come quite a ways since then. I wouldn't say the ResourceDictionaryWriter is complete, but I've gotten very good results out of the standard ReaderSvg.

One last comment issue we need resolved before I can recommend a purchase. In ViewerSvg the files we process come out with the Id's translated to Name, but no matter what I set for NamedObjectsSource, from code this does not seem to occur. Is this a limitation during trial or is there another cause? We definitely need that function.

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