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I want to use Reader for getting 3ds files into wpf and so I'm testing this software. Everything works fine and I guess this is the way we can solve our problems.

One thing is left and I can't see the solution... Probably anyone can help.

We took different 3ds models and imported them to wpf by this great tool. After that I want to work with the free camera of the Model - but I cannot reach it. All the other cameras are fine.

For example if I use your Santa-model (you posted last x-mas). It just defines a free camera. How can I use this camera in the viewPort I read?

I guess there is a simple solution, but i do not have any clou how to do it.

thanks for help

I've noticed the free camera is only defined in the Viewer3D - not in the model itselfe. Can I reach a default-Value for the Camera?
You can use the advanced cameras that come with Ab3d.PowerToys - the library contains many tools that help to work with WPF 3D.

The samples that come with the library demonstrate how easy is to add a "free camera" to your application - the camera can be controlled by control panel with buttons or by mouse.

The nice thing about Ab3d.PowerToys library is that when you buy Ab3d.Reader3ds Pro license, you get the Ab3d.PowerToys library FOR FREE.

The 60-day evaluation of Ab3d.PowerToys can be downloaded from my Downloads page.
Andrej Benedik
Many thanks for answering. I'll try that.

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