Hi there,

I work with Reader3ds and it realy works fine.

The cameras defined in 3ds-files are easy to handle and I need an equivalent for lights.

Here is the question: Is there a possibility to handle defined lights like Cameras?

I can see whether lights are defined by ImportLights. But I would like to have something like Cameras to get the list of all lights defined in the 3ds. The way through the LogicalTreeHelper ist not that elegant...

Thanks for answers
In the current version there is no lights collection (as it is for Cameras). But you can simply get all the light with the following code:

Model3DGroup lightsGroup = null;
if (_current3dsReader.NamedObjects.ContainsKey(Ab3d.Reader3ds.AllLightsGroupName))
    lightsGroup = _current3dsReader.NamedObjects[Ab3d.Reader3ds.AllLightsGroupName] as Model3DGroup;

If the 3ds file contains lights they are stored into a new Model3DGroup that is named with Ab3d.Reader3ds.AllLightsGroupName ("__AllLightsGroup") name. It can be easily accessed with NamedObjects dictionary.

I am currently working on new version of Reader3ds and will also add a Lights collection to simplify getting the lights.
Andrej Benedik

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