Purchased version vs Trial version in context of export to XAML for Silverlight 4.0

I like what I see in trial version except the exported Silverlight 4.0 XAML uses DrawingBrush which is only available in WCF. I can see how I could get around that to suit my needs.

However, I also noticed that there are visual defects when exporting XAML in trial mode but looks promising when viewing in purchased mode. Can anyone confirm the exported Silverlight 4.0 XAML is the same quality as purchased view?

Thank you.


The DrawingBrush is used to display the DEMO text. It can be removed by clicking the "Show Demo Text" checkbox in the main screen of ViewerSvg.

It should be removed when exporting for Silverlight - it is actually a bug in the current version and will be removed in the next version.

As the documentation says the visual defects (gray brushes) are created because of the evaluation version.

When having a purchased version, there will be no DrawingBrushes or gray brushes any more - the export will be as viewing in purchased mode.

If you wish you can post your svg file to the forum and I will post back a xaml created with a purchased version.

If you do not like to make the svg public, you can send it with the "Contact us" form - http://www.wpf-graphics.com/Feedback.aspx
Andrej Benedik

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