Install application can't run because it thinks I've got the trial version

I've worked with the zoom panel's trial version for some time, then I've purchased the real version, uninstalled the trial version and installed the real version (the last version available on your site).

Then I've created a setup project, installed my application on the client's machine and run the application.
When I've started the installed application on the client's machine I've got a message telling me that this is the trial version and I need to purchase the real version.

In my application I'm using the real zoom panel DLL and not the trial one.

How can I fix this?
Do I need to add something to the setup project?

Thanks in advance,

What message do you receive? If it is:
"The current application is using an unlicensed version of

In case whene there is "Evaluation" in that message, than you are still using the trial version.

Please check the version of the assembly - the revision number (the last one in the 4 numbers for each version) should be slightly different for commercial and evaluation version.

When using commercial version, you will also need to embed the license key into your application (this way you will be able to distribute your application to other computers). Please check "Using Commercial version" help file (in the installed folder) on how to do that.
Andrej Benedik
Hi Abenedik,

Yes, this is exactly the message ("... current application is using an unlicensed version of ...")

So I've done what's written on the help file, and it is working perfectly now.

Thank you very much!


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