Error importing 3D file with Assimp
Hello team,
I've faced with wierd issue during using your library.
I get Assimp.AssimpException (please look at the attached image), when I'm opening my 3D model few times in a row.

Help appreciated.

Thanks in advanced

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The error seems to come from the Assimp library. This is a third party library and I cannot say why this error is thrown.

But you may try to use an older version of the library - Ab3d.PowerToys comes with two versions of assimp library - one official v4.1.0 from 2017-12-11 and a newer from 2018-05-09. You may try to use the other version.

You may also try a newer version of Assimp that was compiled from a source code from 2019-02-19. This version can be downloaded from:

(note that this version did not correctly opened some test files that I have and therefore it was not published with Ab3d.PowerToys library - but maybe it will work well for your files).
Andrej Benedik

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