VB.NET Conversion Help
Before i call it a day, i am reaching out to any other user that uses the AB4D tools, powertoys and dxengine with vb.net, i have some things working, i can load models in animate the skeleton (skin does not animate) load in various environment maps (skyboxes).

What i am struggling with is PBR texture loading and animating full mesh skeleton and skin, it as took me over 12 months to get to this stage and whilst i am proud of what i have achieved i think i am out of my depth, i do not know C (i know a little) but have manged to convert most of the classes and functions.

If anyone is willing to help i would be most grateful.

Thank you
Kevan Hampson
IMultiMapMaterial seems to be where i am getting stuck, the property always returns nothing

Any idea what i may have missed ?


the property is declared


thank you 
Kevan Hampson

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